My family and I have activity in various areas of business, education, personal cultivation, and creative expression.

Here you will find links to the websites which correspond with some of those activities. Each website offers insight into who we are, what we do, and what we’re putting forward as that particular family name and brand. 

“We are professional models, actors, content producers, influencers,  and art directors. 

We are ONE BIG FAMILY and are overjoyed to have the opportunity to live, work, play and grow together. 

We’ve created this site in order to share links to our productions, show behind-the-scenes of our experiences, and exchange ideas with our friends and peers around the world.”

“We are The AHRAYAHN Family.

It is our belief that We are ALL



We are ALL here to usher in a 


 We are ALL here to learn from one another and to share the secrets to


“PHOTOSPHERE STUDIOS is a family-based company owned by visual artists SHIMEL KEMOA, KALANI KEMOA, IKWADU KEMOA, and LYLARU KEMOA.

Organized in 2009, PHOTOSPHERE has been generating compelling imagery for fashion and fine arts clients around the globe. 
PHOTOSPHERE is fully capable of creating memorable EDITORIALS CAMPAIGNS, MARKETING MATERIALS, CORPORATE PRESENTATIONS, LOOKBOOKS, WEB CONTENT and FEATURES at your specifications from concept to finished product.”

“Life is about having joy and fulfillment in all aspects of our being.  We at AYAZAHN Wellness work with our clients to help assess and improve their whole experience: spirituality, relationship/social interactions, creativity, work/career, entertainment, and physicality.  We have found that if one or more of these aspects are imbalanced, it becomes more difficult to excel in the other areas.  Once the main issue or area is improved, all other areas can be greatly benefited.  This is why we say, “When one elevates, we all elevate.”

“Having started in 2000 as a boutique management firm, WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL has transformed itself  into a corporate holding company serving as a canopy for talent management and media production companies operating in top fashion cities around the world.  WESTHAVEN INTERNATIONAL is more than a management company.  We are a global community of models, actors, musicians, athletes, and creatives.

Owned by the WESTHAVEN Family, the organization consists of an Executive Board of Directors and Regional Boards of Directors who represent both expertise in their fields and professional commitment to providing the best service to talent and clientele.”


To share the joys of our family

To share love, light, and laughter

To share our perspective and learning process”

Below are the personal sites of my family members who have created platforms similar to AZYLA to express their different interests and showcase their names.