Everyone: Why so many names?

Me: Because I feel like it lol

I love that I have a lot of names, even though it is a little unusual. I definitely am one to live according to my own standards. People often ask “What you want to do when you grow up?” and the stereotype and limitation is that your answer has to be only one career with possibly a few hobbies.

That doesn’t work for me. I am a model, chemistry student, author, chef, future architect, artist, photographer, singer, weapons specialist in training, etc. Having different names or functionalities allows me to create a set of activities and to interact with a community of like minded individuals specific to that work. In this way, I am establishing and array of brand that reflect the spectrum of my interests.

Some of these names or functionalities operate within the businesses that my family owns but many of them of them signify my personal endeavors and are unique to me.

I was originally born with three names; one  for my Father’s family, one for my Mom’s family and one signifying their union as a new generation. It was really cool to have a special name with each of my lineages. 

 In my opinion it makes it easier for people to specify how they want to interact with me:

Some work with me as a model, so they call me Zenna DePaz.

Some refer to me as the photographer and film-maker, Lylaru.

To my friends on social media and my Mom’s family, I am Mykha Amani.

To my Dad’s family and when I travel in one of his lines of work, I am recognized  as Azhraiahn Zarique.

It is a very useful system, and I trust that AZYLA, as a media channel, will help clarify my functioning as these many different names while also letting me share in the freedom and adventure that this name structure provides.