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I study quantum physics, which is the branch of physics that observes how energy impacts the nature and behavior of existence an atomic and subatomic level.

Understanding the fundamental building blocks of this universe, the visible light spectrum, and uncovering the truth behind what we experience as “matter,” are some of what I presently wish to accomplish in my studies. 

Further, I will question the theoretical basis of quantum mechanics and present my own theories relating to this field. 

Notes from 02.06.2019.
Sonoluminescence (Sound and Light)

Wavelengths, especially those of light, are much larger than the size of an atom. Everything we are able to observe is by the reflection of lightwaves off of an object.

February 6, 2019

Sonoluminescence is the phenomenon which occurs when a bubble in water collapses to produce light and heat. These bubbles can reach temperatures similar to the heat of the surface of

January 24, 2019