I am


I am a philosopher/metaphysicist

The name Sophilia means

“Love of Knowledge,” or “Love of Wisdom.”

Oneiros is the Greek word for Dream.

I seek to experience and conceptualize the mysteries of the Universe and human consciousness. 

I achieve balance within the realms of paradoxical thought constructs, abstract idea, and existential debate.

Review my findings below:

Notes from “The Starseed Transmissions” by Ken Carey
how strong are your beliefs compared to those of another?

"Metaconceptual information" Communications transmitted neurobiologically. He describes a merging of bio-gravitational fields, awareness which allowed these "intelligences" to use his nervous system as a channel for communication. A blending of

May 11, 2022

today i observe how reality is completely fabricated whatever you say is real, is just that  solid, individual realities for each person but because these different realities overlap and interact with one another they are

May 9, 2021