a teacher, educator, and curriculum developer.


Our curriculum is called KAZHANANTUNUWEREE a spiral of learning both progressively quantitative and fractal in nature.
Each segment of the AMOMOLAT OZIN designates a different area of learning or subject category which together comprise the totality of human learning.
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As a child, whenever an adult approached me with the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” my answer was always the same: I want to be a teacher. Of course, the list of what I truly aspired to be was extensive and only expanded as I grew, but I thought it was more acceptable to give the grown-ups the basic answer they were searching for.

It’s been very clear to me that I’m meant to teach, or be apart of configuring a new system for education.

As a homeschooler, I’ve never had the standard school experience or had to deal with the widespread miseducation, particularly prevalent in the US. The current education system is failing so much of the youth, the very foundation from which the future will sprout from. I’ve heard nothing but nightmare stories of the school environment, and all I think while hearing these stories is that it must change. 

My dream is to implement THE SPIRAL WORLD CURRICULUM into the world of education and explore other methods of learning that may be more effective and beneficial for the development of young minds. 

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i am resourcefulevery original constituent is either active or dormantno expression is added or subtracted, merely stagnantreconfiguration is all that is necessary for optimal functioning my growth requires and induces,

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