I’m an aspiring architectural designer.

My dream is to integrate “symbiotic” architecture that allows humans to exist in confluence with the environment.

I hope to someday be a part of creating functional and purposeful artwork that positively influences the human psyche, utilizes the natural elements in a clean and substantial manner, and promotes the use of communal or collective space, opposed to isolation.

I’m currently studying the work of architects from around the world, as well as from different time periods. Take a look at my latest inspirations and findings:

open your mouth…

by azylazalleluMarch 11, 2021

open your mouth let the heavenly atmospheric urine trickle down your throat and quench your thirst. let it cleanse your...


by azylazalleluDecember 2, 2023

i love that i am

by azylazalleluJanuary 20, 2024

i am resourcefulevery original constituent is either active or dormantno expression is added or subtracted, merely stagnantreconfiguration is all that...


by azylazalleluOctober 27, 2022

today i experience unclarity a foreign feeling  most definitely do you know what it is to be at odds with...

Notes from “The Starseed Transmissions” by Ken Carey

by azylazalleluMay 11, 2022

"Metaconceptual information" Communications transmitted neurobiologically. He describes a merging of bio-gravitational fields, awareness which allowed these "intelligences" to use his...

To The Victors Belong the Spoils for EXALTA MAG

by azylazalleluApril 16, 2023

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