I am


“Manifestation of the Highest Thought for Ascended Civilization”

I am a spiritual cultivator and a student of religious beliefs and practices from around the World, and throughout history.

The Most High, Divine Source, Primordial Force of Creation envelopes and permeates all of existence. Everything is a reflection, expression, or condensation of this all-encompassing Sacred Source energy, or God.

I observe the interconnectedness and Oneness of All, and with that comes a canopy of knowingness that grants me further awareness and insight into the various realms or layers through which Source is articulated. 

I am receptive of the infinite wisdom of Christ Consciousness and I endeavor to develop and strengthen my spiritual acuity through discipline, meditation, and Self mastery. 

I honor my direct connection to Source by aligning with my purpose in service to and for the benefit of the Collective.

I am devoted to the elevation of the energetic field of humanity, transcendence of the current paradigms of separation and limitation, and the harmonization of prevalent opposing frequencies or forces.