AZYLA: Progress Report

My magazine has been an integral part of my self development, creative expression, and education. I created “RED:INITIATION” and then I went on to experience it in real time. Many concepts which I believed and theorized but hadn’t yet lived needed to solidify in my understanding. I look at my issues and they’ve taken on […]

Family Beach Shoot with the AHRAYAHN FAMILY

A beautiful afternoon on Newport Beach in Southern California with my family. We thought we had gotten there too late, but the lighting was absolutely perfect! Love the blue and orange tones here, the complimentary all white and heavy shadows. I have been shooting with my family since I can remember and it never fails […]

ZENNA- Heavy Metal and Reflective

I loved shooting in this Shook Boyz sparkly sequin kimono! Especially in front such an eccentric location such as the Lou Ruvo Center. I had a lot of fun during this shoot and I think Heavy Metal and Reflective by Azealia Banks fits perfectly with the vibe. Always a pleasure working with Alahn Brezan and […]