Apollonian Gasket

“A circle can be defined by 3 points. Draw 3 arbitrary points and find the circle they belong to. Whenever you have a certain corner, you know there will be an infinite number of circles heading into that corner. And for every one of these infinite circles you can create a few more corners that […]

Notes from 02.06.2019.

Wavelengths, especially those of light, are much larger than the size of an atom. Everything we are able to observe is by the reflection of lightwaves off of an object. Because atoms are so much smaller than these waves they aren’t able to reflect them or be detected through optical microscopes. Scientists haven’t found a […]

Sonoluminescence (Sound and Light)

Sonoluminescence is the phenomenon which occurs when a bubble in water collapses to produce light and heat. These bubbles can reach temperatures similar to the heat of the surface of the Sun. To create sonoluminescence there has to be sound with the right frequency, moving through water. There is a species of shrimp, known as […]