i love that i am

i am resourcefulevery original constituent is either active or dormantno expression is added or subtracted, merely stagnantreconfiguration is all that is necessary for optimal functioning my growth requires and induces, quality and quantity of catalysts i’m steadily adjusting my bandwidth in order to capacitate the magnitude of endeavors, aspirations, requests, suggestions, essentials, potentials,… i’m consciously […]

AZYLA: Progress Report

My magazine has been an integral part of my self development, creative expression, and education. I created “RED:INITIATION” and then I went on to experience it in real time. Many concepts which I believed and theorized but hadn’t yet lived needed to solidify in my understanding. I look at my issues and they’ve taken on […]

open your mouth…

open your mouth let the heavenly atmospheric urine trickle down your throat and quench your thirst. let it cleanse your psyche and soul of the filth and grime you have accumulated over the years of living on this godforsaken planet. let the liquids from above anoint you with its omnipotence and save you from your […]

AZYLA ZALLELU – The Perpetual Blossom

We have a tradition of creating new names which signify deeply personal meanings. AZYLA ZALLELU stands for The Perpetual Blossom, The Never Ending Story of My Unfolding, The Eternal Becoming, The Evolution of Self. Like a flower with numerous petals, I envision myself as a young woman who is blessed to be able to explore […]