i love that i am

i am resourcefulevery original constituent is either active or dormantno expression is added or subtracted, merely stagnantreconfiguration is all that is necessary for optimal functioning my growth requires and induces, quality and quantity of catalysts i’m steadily adjusting my bandwidth in order to capacitate the magnitude of endeavors, aspirations, requests, suggestions, essentials, potentials,… i’m consciously […]

exactly where i’m s’posed to be

the rain don’t stop, you just need bigger, better buckets. i’m sitting here wishing and hoping and praying for the best possible outcome when truthfully i’m staring right at it and it’s staring right back at me asking what the fuck ?my unawareness is a blessing loki dual triple quadruple meaningthis life isn’t meant for […]


today i experience unclarity a foreign feeling  most definitely do you know what it is to be at odds with yourself?  i don’t, but i very much do deja vu there is a continued search for the undeniable an insufficient assumption masked by an implied devoid of question the sole accepted fact is that  thorough […]

open your mouth…

open your mouth let the heavenly atmospheric urine trickle down your throat and quench your thirst. let it cleanse your psyche and soul of the filth and grime you have accumulated over the years of living on this godforsaken planet. let the liquids from above anoint you with its omnipotence and save you from your […]