Knife Throwing but I Refuse To Hurt Trees

Even though it would’ve been far easier, I refuse to use living trees as targets. So, in search for an alternative I found wooden planks in my backyard and decided to practice. For obvious reasons I will have to find better targets, but this session wasn’t too bad.  Despite the falling planks, incessant blood sucking […]

the storm is inevitable

you can either adapt and move with the rhythms of nature or fight the losing battle of going against the current. short film by VAI’ALA ZHIVAN @azylazallelu featuring @zennadepaz this is something i wrote as a joke about a year ago to a friend who told me it was thunderstorming in their area: “open your mouth, let […]

My name is Zenna…

My name is Zenna de Paz. I am the first born child of the de Paz family.  I am the CEO of AzylaMedia and Editor in Chief of AZYLA Magazine, a platform to express my process of self-discovery and self-actualization. Outwardly I am a fashion, runway, beauty, commercial, and fitness model, however, at heart I […]