My magazine has been an integral part of my self development, creative expression, and education.

I created “RED:INITIATION” and then I went on to experience it in real time. Many concepts which I believed and theorized but hadn’t yet lived needed to solidify in my understanding.

I look at my issues and they’ve taken on entirely new meanings now that I’ve gained more awareness.

My magazine is extensive. Reading the issues, I feel as though I’ve traveled through space and time, explored the world and its many cultures, learned about health, technology, and integrated sciences, gained perspective on social, political, and environmental matters, shed light on aspects of the animal and plant kingdom, appreciated various artists and their art forms from fashion to architecture to painting, and so much more. AZYLA is truly a reflection of my multifaceted being.

It has guided me through introspection before I even knew what that truly meant. AZYLA is breathtaking and eye-catching. It is a work of art. I am overloaded with information, yet overjoyed with my creativity. It has caused me to think, to expand, to grow, as it will for so many of my future viewers. Although it is far from perfect, I am proud of my work.

That being said, I KNOW I CAN DO BETTER. I can produce better, more impactful, more captivating artwork. The quality between ‘FIRMAMENT’ and ‘SKYLINE’ will be incomparable. I’ve further strengthened and crystallized my vision and plans for AZYLA. I’ve honed my skills, gained more abilities, and progressed in my craft to an unimaginable extent in the past year alone. I’m a completely different person, a far more insightful and well-rounded individual. I’ve delved far deeper into defining who I am and what I’m about, and I’m ready to resume my journey in this particular field of activity.

The time spent away from AZYLA was a necessary developmental stage. I see with greater clarity the purpose that AZYLA serves for both myself and the World due to the experiences and transformations that have taken place both internally and externally.

I am thankful for AZYLA, for I know that I will always have it, not only to look back on but also to look forward to. AZYLA will continue to take on new meanings as I further unfold. I am excited.

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