you can either adapt and move with the rhythms of nature or fight the losing battle of going against the current.

short film by VAI’ALA ZHIVAN @azylazallelu
featuring @zennadepaz

this is something i wrote as a joke about a year ago to a friend who told me it was thunderstorming in their area:

“open your mouth, let the heavenly atmospheric urine trickle down your throat and quench your thirst. let it cleanse your psyche and soul of the filth and grime you have accumulated over the years of living on this godforsaken planet. let the liquids from above anoint you with its omnipotence and save you from your sins. let the thunder rid your ears of the negative words encircling your mind. let the lightning shine light upon your inner truth, striking clarity into your minds eye and giving you a vision of your higher self in its fullest potential. allow the storm to strip you of the chains and burdens holding you down. let this storm be the birth of a new and improved you.”