“Metaconceptual information”

Communications transmitted neurobiologically. He describes a merging of bio-gravitational fields, awareness which allowed these “intelligences” to use his nervous system as a channel for communication. A blending of perception.

The Eternal Now. The Galactic Being.

“Your language was designed to facilitate commerce.” The Universal Language of Light. Projection of living information units. Conceptual communication.

Focus attention on inner vibrational frequencies.

Before the “Fall,” we had the ability to center awareness from deity to identity, from form to meta-form at will. Functioning in two realities at once.

The Totality of what is.

“Nagual” Native American word meaning “everything that cannot be named.” The “tonal” is everything which can be named. The tonal draws all of its sustenance from the nagual. The tonal oscillates, flashing on and off, from the smallest subatomic particle to the greatest galaxy. All that can be named is only in form half the time.

I’ve expressed this concept a dozen times before in different ways. I’ve drawn what I call the “inhalation and exhalation of the Universe.”

Nagual = God the Father. Spaceless, timeless state where all energy, blessing and nourishment is derived, even in the “fallen condition.”

“Original Sin” Stopped trusting exclusively in God. From God-centeredness to self-centeredness. Identifying with form more than identifying in God. Energy-bondage.

“Particles of physical substance began to gather along the magnetic lines of your though structures, and you began to identify with denser and denser levels of physical expression.”

I’ve mentioned this “densification” of reality in my writings before as well. Reality solidifies and becomes more concrete as humans devolve, but this may be congruent with the natural rhythm of the Universe. Construction, deconstruction, construction. Build, destroy, build.

The “Fall” that is described could just be another inhale and exhale process on a greater scale.

What is the Nagual of the Nagual?

“A rhythm of expansion and contraction.”

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