today i observe 
how reality is completely fabricated 
whatever you say is real, is just that 
 solid, individual realities for each person 
but because these different realities overlap and interact with one another 
they are all also fluid and malleable 
it’s a matter of belief and agreement 
how strong are your beliefs compared to those of another being’s? 
and how many people can you get to agree to your beliefs? 
it’s true what they say about strength in numbers 
i sometimes wish this weren’t the case 
it is beneficial in one sense but it can also be a very dangerous weapon when turned against a population that is so easily swayed and manipulated 
many are trapped in elaborate illusions, 
blinded by the comfort of lies 
some stuck in cages of their own creation 
but as i have the power to decide my reality, so does everyone else 
who am i to say that another reality isn’t real to the person experiencing it? 
if this is a perception based reality, 
how can there be false perspectives? 


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