Photos by Shimel Kemoa of PhotosphereStudios

We have a tradition of creating new names which signify deeply personal meanings. AZYLA ZALLELU stands for The Perpetual Blossom, The Never Ending Story of My Unfolding, The Eternal Becoming, The Evolution of Self. Like a flower with numerous petals, I envision myself as a young woman who is blessed to be able to explore my interests, to live life as an adventure and to dream freely about what I want for my future.

I want my brand, AZYLA MEDIA, to be an example to all people, especially young women, that we continue to grow and change throughout our years. That we are not limited. As we discover new aspects of ourselves and the world around us, we unfold and blossom into the people that we are in this moment, and get a glimpse of who we are going to be. We are forever blossoming and expanding into Ourselves.